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What is NEI?

NEI - Neuro Emotional Integration - is a practical method to release emotions.

The NEI method can be used to process both conscious and subconscious emotions, physical, mental issues symptoms, imbalances or traumas. The NEI method can also provide clarity about life questions (such as career goals/changes, soul purpose, growing your family, moving house/county).  

NEI is a combination method of the best of Eastern and Western medicine and is based on principles from psychotherapy, acupuncture, neuroscience, bio-kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Integra and Touch For Health.

A NEI therapist can help you get to the core of your issues, questions or problems through connecting with your subconscious. By working with the subconscious, the origin of the symptoms and problems can be pinpointed and processed, so that you regain your sense of well being, equilibrium and can stand in your power.


How does it work?

The NEI coach connects with and tunes in to your subconscious through a combination of intuitive abilities, knowledge and the sensitivity of the biotensor.


The biotensor is an instrument that can measure congruency; it registers small vibrational differences that arise when a question does or doesn't match your own truth.

By using the biotensor we can discover where in the body emotions and blockages are stuck. The integration technique connects the left and right brain hemispheres, allowing the blocked emotions to be processed and released.


This can result in a decrease or permanent disappearance of the symptoms.

NEI coaching during pregnancy
The Biotensor
Family constellation and systemic work

Who is it for?

NEI is for young and old! NEI coaching is particularly suitable for people who suffer from symptoms where no clear cause can be found. Emotions and feelings from the past can be stored in the body and have a negative (unconscious) effect causing physical, emotional or mental imbalance.

NEI is suitable for those who have questions that cannot always be answered by thinking alone, for example about the choices you want to make, changing limiting thoughts or beliefs, patterns/traumas passed on from previous generations, even past lives or energy that does not belong to you; can be detected and resolved with NEI coaching.  

It is a suitable method for people whose symptoms are unexplainable or difficult to pinpoint the cause. It is not necessary to endlessly discuss or dig up old traumas and they do not have to be relived. ​A NEI session is insightful, simple and specific. 

Because the NEI coaching method uses the power and knowledge of the subconscious, it's not only suitable for adults but also particularly useful for helping children and babies who are not yet able to communicate their problems.  

NEI coaching voor baby's en kinderen

NEI for babies and children

NEI coaching voor volwassenen

NEI for adults

NEI voor een kinderwens, moeite met zwangerworden

NEI for family planning

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