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NEI for family planning

The wish is there, the sparkle in your heart when you think about becoming a parent. The deep desire to welcome a beautiful child transforming you into a 'family'.

  • But what if becoming pregnant isn't happening easily or is taking longer than what you expected?

  • Do you feel like your body is letting you down?​

  • Or what if you're not getting pregnant again after having a miscarriage?

It can be extremely painful and stressful if becoming pregnant doesn't just happen easily.  NEI can help resolve unprocessed emotions or blockages that may stand in the way of becoming and staying pregnant. Together we will look at where these blockages are, what is preventing conception and emotionally clear the way to conceive. 

NEI coaching bij kinderwens

NEI can be used for:

  • Difficulty getting and staying pregnant

  • Fertility issues

  • Miscarriage/premature birth

  • Doubts or questions around wanting to have children, becoming a parent mother/father or becoming a single mother/father.

  • Birth trauma 

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Resolving unresolved emotional blockages

  • Trust in your body

  • Conscious conception (processing passed on generational problems, processing and healing your own emotional baggage so that you do not pass this on to your child)

  • Making contact with the soul of your child

 NEI coaching can be used for family planning.

NEI  coaching for family planning

NEI is based on the principle that three parties must agree for conception to take place: the mother, the father and the unborn child.

If conception does not occur easily, there may be a blockage or imbalance in one or more of these 3 parties. Together we will look at where these blockages are and what is preventing conception.  

By detecting and releasing the blockages or underlying emotions and limiting beliefs held within the body, the energy system can be brought back into balance. This can provide insight and increase the chance of pregnancy. So that you stop doubting your own body and can find confidence, strength and hope again. Together we can pave the way energetically and emotionally. 

Why NEI coaching for family planning?

  • NEI can help resolve unprocessed emotions or blockages and reduce the stress surrounding becoming pregnant.

  • NEI helps to process sadness, anger or insecurities that have arisen due to your unfulfilled desire to have children or miscarriage(s).

  • Sometimes your own birth trauma or limiting thoughts surrounding becoming a parent play a role in conception, pregnancy or carrying till full term.

  • NEI can easily be combined and works complimentary with other fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF or ICSI. 


NEI helps to detect, process and release these obstacles from your system.

NEI coaching for family planning
Family constellation,  making contact with your unborn child.

During my NEI consultations I may combine methods such as family constellation and systemic work.

We also may make contact with your unborn child, if the child is open to this and needs support or wants to share a message with you. This is a very special experience and continues to touch me deeply in my work.

I am always guided by my intuition and sensitivity, which means that I am deeply attuned to you and your needs and can quickly get to the core.


“We zijn ontzettend dankbaar en blij dat je ons zo hebt geholpen. Niet alleen met contact leggen met de 'baby' en de helpers, maar ook met het oplossen van onze blokkades om verder te kunnen komen. Je nam echt de tijd en aandacht voor ons en begeleide ons met dezelfde inzet door het gehele proces heen. Zeer tervreden"


"Ik ervaar Nicola als een warme en liefdevolle vrouw, die met aandacht en helderheid meekijkt in mijn proces.
De kinderwens consulten bij haar hielpen mij te komen tot helderheid over mijn pad en over te maken keuzes. En ze brachten me in contact met de energie van mijn toekomstig kindje, heel ontroerend en waardevol! Dankjewel lieve Nicola!


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NEI coaching na een miskraam

Practical information

A consultation regarding the wish to have children takes place in Boekel or online. 

Intakewith first NEI consultation of 90 -100 minutes:€120,-

Follow-up consultations from 60 - 90 minutes:€90,-

Purchase a package and receive a 15% discount.

The package includes the intake consultation and 2 follow-up consultations.

From €300 for: €255 

Your benefit €45,-

Cancellation policy

It may happen that you want to cancel your appointment due to illness or something else unforeseen. You can do this up to 48 hours in advance without costs.

Make sure you reach me so that I can schedule another appointment: live on the phone, or via text message/app. I don't check my email every day.


If you arrive later than 24 hoursur If you cancel in advance, you pay the full rate.

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