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Nicola Helmink NEI coaching en lichaamswerk

NEI therapy
& bodywork

  • Do you want to connect deeply with your true self?

  • Want to be able to hear what your subconscious has to share with you?

  •  Discover the wisdom of your body and soul?​​​

Because you know deep down that the answers lie within.

Welcome in my practice!

I work subtly, tenderly and deep. 


My offers


Body work

NEI voor baby's en kinderen

NEI for babies and children

NEI coaching voor volwassenen

NEI for adults

NEI coaching voor kinderwens

NEI for family planning

Testimonial given me trust


"I had a very nice consultation with Nicola. After my miscarriage last year, it feels as if unconscious blockages have arisen in my 'becoming pregnant'. Nicola gave me the space to tell my story and took me through the steps she is taking. during the consultation in which she used the biotensor. Nicola does things with a lot of attention and respect, which makes me feel comfortable, relieves tension and allows me to open up completely. It was a beautiful, special experience for me and has made me feel better again. confidence for the future!"

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