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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Nicola. I'm a creative, sensitive New Zealander and proud mother of my beautiful daughter Aruna.  I have a background in theater, music, acroyoga and body work. My wanderlust eventually brought me to the Netherlands, where I have lived since 2007.  What a wealth to have roots in these two countries on opposite sides of the globe!


A deep interest in holistic health, healing and personal development has led me to become skilled in teaching yoga, acroyoga and bodywork.

When giving body work, I am guided by my intuitive abilities allowing my hands do the work. People have always enjoyed my sensitive touch and this eventually led to the development of 'Energetic Alignment bodywork'; a healing treatment in which I combine all my knowledge and intuitive abilities. 

Nicola Helmink NEI coaching en lichaamswerk
Nicola Helmink en dochtertje Aruna

In 2013 I became a certified Acroyoga teacher. Facilitating workshops and courses has taken me to some very special places; I have taught women in Iran, children in a Romanian orphanage and prisoners in Kenya. Some special experiences sharing using movement and communication to support connection and belonging.


In 2020 I experienced NEI therapy for the first time. I wanted to know if the time had come to welcome a child into my life. During the NEI consultation I gained important insights and was able to process emotions and past experiences that hindered me from becoming a mother. I even received a message from the soul of my child to be, which was a very special experience. I left feeling lighter and confident.

I was so inspired that I decided to train as an 'Energetic Family Therapist - NEI coach' myself, with specialisations in family planning and pregnancy, the female cycle, birth/delivery trauma and single-born multiples trauma.

I wish everybody the experience of hearing their true inner wisdom and insight. You are very welcome to discover with me what NEI can bring you!

My diverse life experience, sensitive nature and warmheartedness ensure that you will feel quickly at ease and we can get to the core of any issues using these gentle methods.  

See you soon!

Nicola Helmink NEI coaching and bodywork
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