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Photo credit: Ivar Elstrodt
Nicola Helmink
Heal, Inspire, Teach, Entertain

Hi there! My name’s Nicola.

I’m a certified Acroyoga teacher, bodywork practitioner and creative freelancer born in New-Zealand. My travels around the world have brought me to the Netherlands where I’m currently based. I feel blessed to have my roots in both countries.

My love of theatre, performance and natural ability with children actuated in my completing a Bachelor of Education in Theatre studies at the Performing Arts School of Utrecht. I am a qualified drama teacher and love working part time as an actress and native English speaking voiceover.

A deep interest and passion for holistic health, healing and spiritual development has led me to practicing and teaching yoga, Acroyoga, massage and meditation for more than 10 years.


In 2013, I became a certified Acroyoga teacher, combining my love of play, connection and healing. Teaching Acroyoga has brought encounters with amazing people and places. I have taught the first Acroyoga workshops for women in Iran, in an orphanage in Romania, even in the men’s youth prison in Kenya!


As long as I can remember I've given intuitive massages, not really thinking of it as anything special. Over the years, more and more people have come to me asking for my hugs and healing touch, telling me I have something unique to give. This has developed into what I call ‘Energetic Alignment Bodywork’ where I combine all my knowledge and intuitive abilities to create a personal healing treatment.


Subtle, in tune, gentle and deep ~ supporting you in deep relaxation and healing.

Music has always had a special place in my heart. I play the piano, cosmic bow, a little guitar. My 7 year love affair with the handpan (hang drum) has finally become a steady relationship. After acquiring my own instrument, I am now starting to create compositions and love playing to accompany yoga classes, massage sessions and meditation! It’s a joy to express through music and I look forward to sharing more of this with you.

Learning and teaching go hand in hand and my passion is to share any wisdom I come to embody. 


Therapeutic Acroyoga, Energetic Alignment massages, Partner Yoga stretching and Music are now the ingredients of my personal sessions, workshops and events.

For a full CV and current projects please visit my

Thank you for your visit.

Much love,


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